China’s efforts to further standardise the industry.

China – August, 2017, the China National Spa Association is not active at this time as it undergoes a period of internal adjustment.   The Chinese Government is active and is currently making changes to further standardise the management of spa operations in the country, but China is a big country and distance is a challenge.

Overall the current prospects for the industry are not as optimistic as anticipated, especially for hotel and day Spas where the revenue is going down.  Owners have reduced the size of management teams or their salaries to reduce operating costs.  Some Spas are also starting to do medical services even though they are not licensed to do so.  Some hotel just like to rent out the space and collect rental fees with no control over quality of service.

There are a number of private SPA Association in China, set up by some business people, but these are not officially recognised by the authorities.

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