The Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition is dedicated to bring you the best industry education and networking opportunities available. Currently we have two events scheduled annually – a Round Table and a Study Tour. Actual dates will vary with the Round Table held in February/March and the Study Tour held during destination ’low season’ where possible

Spa Study Tour :

this is purely an educational event, designed to promote, protect and give respect to the culture and traditional healing practices for which the modern spa & wellness industry has based itself upon. These will be scheduled annually, with involvement of local spa & wellness bodies or travel agents for logistical support and to ensure as authentic an experience as possible. It’s about walking through the fields of herbs in bare feet, experiencing traditional healing from traditional healers, listening to ‘the local experts and insiders, so that participants get a better understanding from when we have come. These educational tours are not your traditional holiday tourism destinations – we will visit factors, traditional healers, temples, gardens, monasteries, orphanages and similar ‘grass roots’ related venues from which we have taken knowledge or where which we can give knowledge. They are restricted to small groups (reasonably 20 – 30 pax maximum, thought depending on destination this may vary) and is purely on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Check out the APSWC Events Page for more details of the next Spa Study Tour.

The APSWC’s annual event was the Strategic Planning Forum – established as a ‘by invitation only’ highly interactive forum dedicated to creating a vision and plan for the regional industry, with all delegates expected to play an active role throughout the event. Following a short hiatus, and as a result of changes in both the organization and the industry, this traditional forum has evolved into a Round Table with ‘white paper outcome’.

Round Table :


Senior managers and key decision makers from all aspects of the spa and wellness industry including senior spa directors and managers, owners, suppliers, trainers and educators, allied health professionals, wellness consultants, government officials and media are again on the invitation list for this annual event. It is targeted to continue to be a ‘by invitation’ event with a ‘white paper’ outcome. Invitees are industry and government alike, The format gives all participants the opportunity to input and provide guidance to industry stakeholders and governments alike. There is no grandeur – with this happening with an organic growth, starting small and steadily growing. Each participant is afforded the opportunity to input to ensure the output is a ‘voice of the people’ white paper document.

The Round Table is expected to evolve in future years into a multiple day educational event with workshops / presentations etc., and open to all levels of industry. The education element would remain an ‘add on’ event, with the Round Table being the primary deliverable. As to whether or not this was held in one country or moved around would really depend on the commitment of the members and the degree of participation. Historically any industry event that has been held in multiple countries has ultimately failed, so unless a new mobile format can be found that works remaining in one ‘central’ country is probably the most logical.

It is an opportunity for regional players to network with their colleagues from other countries, and to learn from their industry peers. It is an interactive event with presentations and active dialogue and where content of the white paper is addressed. The APSWC events have a record of attracting delegates from at least 20 countries per event.