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China’s efforts to further standardise the industry.

China – August, 2017, the China National Spa Association is not active at this time as it undergoes a period of internal adjustment.   The Chinese Government is active and is currently making changes to further standardise the management of spa operations in the country, but China is a big country and distance is a challenge. […]

Korea focussing on healthier future lifestyles!

Spa wellness industry in Korea has been growing steadily, offering varied and unique programs for customers who want to cope with increasing stress. To attract savvy customers, spas or wellness centers have tended to pay attention to such trendy ideas as eco-ism, naturalism, indigenous culture on one hand, and high-tech treatment devices or science-based materials […]

Singapore’s Beauty and Wellness industry is facing a serious challenge concerning manpower.

Singapore – 23 August 2017, the biggest challenge facing Singapore’s Beauty and Wellness industry is manpower. Highly educated young Singaporeans are not interested in laborious work resulting in an increasing shortage of Singaporean workers. At the same time, government measures taken to benefit the local workforce which include higher salaries, more benefits; reduction in employment […]